Some Of The Rude And Mean Comments Found On The Internet About Businesses Are Your Service Is Bulshit


Some of the rude and mean comments found on the internet about businesses are,

  1. Your service is Bulshit

and you are worthless business trying to fool your consumers.

  • You should sell off your business and sit down at your home watching cartoon
  • One of the most pathetic service experience I have ever had.
  • The worst people conducting the business in the worst possible way.
  • I am done with you guys, there are better alternatives to your shitty service.
  • There can always be a better way to rectify and sell your shit to your customers. Don’t full them
  • Never will I ever be associated with this darn business
  • What on earth gave me the mindset of being involved with this service. God save me.
  • Shut down your business, you are worthless guys with worthless service
  • Thanks, I got one business I will not associate with further.
  • How an a manager respond to diffuse a problematic situation.Management