Statement of Purpose + Autobiography

The testimonies of students do attest to a driven and highly respected learning community. the presence of a culture that fosters innovation and academic contribution. and having a highly competent faculty. Perhaps, the most appealing feature of the graduate programs that Fielding offers is the establishment of nurturing mentoring relationships with the students. I am a strong advocate of coaching and mentoring, and do believe that a post graduate student should be accountable for his or her learning as well.
Its reputation is attested to by its accolades. For one, it is the sole program in clinical psychology that is acknowledged and certified by the American Psychological Association. Moreover, it explicitly expresses its intent to teach out of the box, and beyond the conventional graduate programs offered by similar learning institutions. Since I am strongly for innovation as a value, I would like to be part of a learning community that similarly attaches premium to out-of-box thinking. Moreover, in future practice, both in the professional and research spheres, I would like to explore more non-traditional counseling areas where I can add the most value.
Yet another personal advocacy that I have is the respect for diversity, which is also apparently espoused by Fielding. The site indicates that Fieldings Clinical Psychology program " brings a rich diversity of prior learning and professional experience with backgrounds in psychology and many students have experience as therapists and counselors". I believe that interaction with individuals of varying backgrounds will make the learning experience richer, as it will permit you to evaluate issues and insights from differing perspectives. I plan to be as inclusive as possible in my practice, helping as many people as I can possibly can. In fact, I have a strong leaning towards helping indigents. Fielding has acknowledged the