The Reality of Life in What You Pawn I Will Redeem



Life, in reality, is the same. Regardless of the situation, a person could use psychological approaches or emotional empathy to win the desires of our heart. I strongly agree with Alexie’s purpose of writing the story “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” in the sense that the storyline gives us a good insight of the possibility that nothing in this world is impossible with strong perseverance. Jackson’s eagerness and determination to earn money and search for the pawnshop despite the fact that he had to walk twenty or thirty blocks made him able to win the battle. In case Jackson did not show any sign of emotional attachment for his grandmother’s regalia, it would have been impossible for a jobless and homeless person like him to regain it back at the price of five dollars. Another strength in the story is seen with the positive effect or impact of being friendly to other people. He makes friend with anyone regardless of people’s financial status in life. This has been evident when Jackson went to see the Big Boss of Real Change – an organization that publishes the newspaper. When Jackson asked the Big Boss to lend him some money, the Big Boss told him that if he lends him money, he will have to lend everybody some money. Instead, Big Boss told him “I will give you fifty papers for free but don’t tell anybody about it.” (Alexie, 2003) The fact that the Big Boss told him not to tell anyone about the free papers is a sign that Jackson has just been given a special treatment to help him with his current situation. Another evidence of Jackson’s friendliness is shown with his encounter with the white cop that woke him up from the railroad tracks.