The Significance of Organizational Structure

The values of the employees must likewise be aligned with those that the organization is trying to promote.
All these characteristics are evident in how the FMC Aberdeen facility manages its daily affairs. Judging from how the employees effectively interact with each other and with the members of the management, one can easily that the FMC Aberdeen facility has effectively established a strong organizational culture.
There are various factors to consider when trying to restructure an organization. These same factors are likewise important considerations when one makes an attempt to redefine the culture that prevails in the organization. With regards to Kenneth Dailey’s efforts to parallel FMC Green River’s organization with that of FMC Aberdeen, he bears in mind that doing so will not be easy. For one, the prevailing structure in the facility that he manages has been in place since the facility opened. Moreover, restructuring the organization will require major changes in various aspects of how the FMC Green River facility is run. However, such a task is not impossible to complete. There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure the successful restructuring of the FMC Green River organization.
One of the strategies that Dailey must consider implementing is the greater involvement of employees in all stages of decision-making. This strategy is effective and valuable for several reasons. For one, when employees participate in various stages of the process, they feel that they are more valuable to the company. By doing so, the management will be able to increase the job satisfaction of employees. Various studies have proven that when employees are highly involved in the organization, they are more motivated to perform and thus, they become more productive. Furthermore, increasing employee involvement is a vital strategy to consider because employees usually know more about the processes in the company. Their input is vital to the creation of various organizational strategies. They are the ones who have hands-on experience in the company. As such, their input is valuable to the planning and implementation of various decisions regarding the operations of the company.
Another important strategy that Dailey must consider is the improvement of communications between employees and management. As previously stated, employees can provide valuable ideas with regards to company operations. Likewise, more open communication channels will facilitate the exchange of information between employees and management. If an organization is to retain a strong culture, communication between its members must not, in any way, be hindered. Everyone must feel as if they are valued in the organization. As such, they must be provided equal access to voicing out their thoughts and ideas.