The Truth in a Crime Report

Likewise, too many negative statements could quickly muddy the truth in a crime report. Also, they might seem to make a person sound guilty when they are not. "The suspect did not claim to be at the crime scene" is much worse than "The suspect claimed to be at home during the crime."
What style points do you think that you frequently violate, and which do you feel you adhere to particularly well?
I often find myself splitting up sentences. As Strunk says, this can make it harder to understand writing, so it is something I need to pay more attention to. I do find it easy to avoid passive voice and think that is something that I do in almost all my writing. This is probably because it seems strange to me to write a sentence where the person or thing doing the action is not written down.
Do you disagree with any of the Strunks elements of style?
I do disagree that split infinitives are not useful and that they are harmful to good, clear writing. I don’t think it makes much of a difference in meaning to say "He boldly shot the criminal" versus "He shot the criminal boldly," for instance. In this case, this rule feels like one that is not strictly necessary and is more down to personal choice.