This Is A Paper I Wrote For My Class I Need To Pick Out Certain Parts To Make It Into A Power Point Anyway I


This is a paper I wrote for my class, I need to pick out certain parts to make it into a Power Point. Anyway I

could get some help:

Social media is defined as online social networks that encourages people to interact and exchange different types of information. Social media has grown in popularity in the last ten years and has transformed the way people from different cultural backgrounds interact with each other. More importantly, traditional forms of interaction is losing its popularity to social media because it allows internet users to be well-informed about different events that take place in various locations. Current technological advances make it easy for people to communicate with their friends, associates and families instantly through different electronic devices (Rose, 2016). Therefore, virtual social spaces have connected people and they have eliminated geographical barriers that used to exist in the past which determined the way people communicated. This paper will discuss the effects of social media on culture and how this changes people’s attitudes and behavior both positively and negatively.Social Science