This Question Involves A Class Named

FileTextthat represents a text file.

public class


This question involves a class named FileText that represents a text file.

public class



private String fileName;

private int fileBytes;

private ArrayList‹String› wordList; // the contents of the text file

// constructors not shown

// postcondition: calculates the number of bytes in this file and updates

// the instance variable fileBytes

public void fileSize()



// precondition: 0 newWords.length wordList.size ()

// postcondition: elements from the newWords array are placed into consecutive

// odd index positions of the wordlist ArrayList

// postcondition: the value of fileBytes is updated

public void mergeWords(String[] newWords)



// other methods not shown


The wordlist ArrayList stores the words (tokens) found in a text file. Suppose wordlist contains the following elements:

[Mary, had, a, little, lamb]

The fileSize method; the size of the file is computed in bytes. Each character in a word counts as one byte. In addition, there is a space in between each word, and each of those spaces also counts as one byte. For the example above, the fileSize method would compute 4 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 4 as the sum of the lengths of each String in the ArrayList. The value of fileBytes would be this sum plus 4, because there would be 4 spaces in between the 5

For the mergeWords method, assume the values for the newWords array are as follows:

{one, two, three}

After the method has executed, fileBytes will have an updated value, and wordlist would contain the following elements:

[Mary, one, had, two, a, three, little, lamb]

Complete the fileSize and mergeWords methods below. Be sure to include the method headers.

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