What Laws Are Being Broken And How?Is It Illegal For The Company To Tell The 200


What laws are being broken and how?

Is it illegal for the company to tell the 200

workers that they did not need a union?

An organization that operates over 600 stores lost a worker due to murder while the worker was working on site. Workers complained about lack of security so 15 of them telephoned the union requesting a union organization effort. The union sent representatives to 60 stores and left union authorization cards. Two days later the company notified the union that an injunction had been issued during a prior union campaign prohibiting solicitation on company property.

The next day company leaders met to discuss the workers concerns and the no solicitation policy and discussed how unionization will not necessarily do the employees any good. Later that week, the company had a paid meeting with Approximately 200 sales assistants where they were told they did not need a union. The employees were asked to voice their complaints which were: getting less than 40 hours work per week; not having breaks; not being paid for overtime work; working alone at night; and poor lighting at the stores.

The next day a memo went out with very fair solutions to all complaints to be implemented immediately. The company posted no solicitation signs in all stores and directed that those signs be enforced or risk being fired. Later that month another paid meeting was conducted where workers were asked to select committee representatives to meet with management to discuss their complaints. Management officials left the room while the employees selected their representatives.

The union filed a representation petition with the NLRB seeking an election in a unit of all affected sales assistants. The company president told the managers to tell the sales assistants that if they joined the union, the company would close those stores. The first meeting of the Employee Management Committee was held and and demands were granted.