Where In The Following Short Letter Are Examples Where Ethos Logos


Where in the following short letter are examples where Ethos, Logos,

and Pathos used persuasively, and why does each example fall under its prospective category?

How is the letter successful and where could it be improved?

I am pleased to have made contact with you. As promised, I am sending the packet of information about Creative Seninars. Since 2010, we have been making it easier for many Kansas Citians and others in the region do their jobs, ultimately making them more productive and their work more consistent.

Our specialty is customized training programs and material on what workers need to do, not just what they need to know. Our tried and true process is applicable to any industry, any content area, and any delivery medium. A few of our projects include

-Performance management training for trucking company supervisors.

-Orientation training for over-the-road drivers.