Work and Organizational Psychology

People may be motivated to fail an establishment etc. Motivation, positive motivation, more often bring forth positive results. This explains why most organizations are bent to ensure that they motivate their workers so that they can have positive energy required to positively realize the company’s vision. How does motivation influence organizational Performance? The influence is obvious. A highly motivated workforce will certainly produce more than the contrary will. Take for instance of external auditors who constantly work as a group. When they visit their client for analysis of books, their teamwork will not only motivate them but assist them to have results and deliverables within a very short time. Most of the organizations that are highly productive, most of the times have highly motivated human resource and more often than not embrace teamwork. Therefore, teamwork is also a very important ingredient in organizational performance but it affects both motivation and performance. In other words, teamwork enhances motivation which in turn influences organizational performance. Teamwork can as well directly influence organizational performance. This paper will seek to propose how research into the influence of teamwork on motivation and organizational performance can be conducted.
As mentioned in the foregoing section, the proposed research will focus on finding out how teamwork influences both motivation and organizational performance. The research question to be answered at the end of the research is: How do teamwork influence motivation and organizational performance? This question is answered through two main ways in which we shall see how teamwork in auditors enhances both the motivational and performance of the auditors as well as how teamwork is seen in the organization the auditors visit and how this organizational teamwork enhances motivation and hence organizational performance. First, the research will show how teamwork affects the motivational level of personnel in an organizational setting and how this resultant motivation affects the performance of the organization in question.