Writing Business Communication

Full time employees will consolidate their shift into four ten-hour days. The schedule of part-timers will be completed in one to three weekly shifts. The stores will open an hour later and will close an hour later. The stores will stay closed on Sundays.
Message to Retail Customers and the public,
We would like to inform all our valued customers that there are going to be changed in the store’s schedule. The store will be closed on Sundays. From Monday to Saturday the store will open an hour earlier and close an hour later. The overall time that the store will be open will stay the same.
Writing business communications is very different than writing academic papers. It is much easy to write business communications because in this type of writing one simply has to express direct messages to a particular group of people. Academic writing requires a lot of research. Academic writings are typically much more extensive than business memos or communications. Business writing requires technical writing skills, while academic writing requires people to have extensive knowledge of the English language.