You Are A Mindful Conservation Biologist And With The Aim Of Saving Biodiversity As Your Primary Goal Do You


you are a mindful conservation biologist and with the aim of saving biodiversity as your primary goal, do you

think that protected areas should completely exclude humans from living in and off these areas in any way? Or should people, especially native, indigenous populations be allowed to live on these protected areas and sustain their way of living while perhaps also becoming involved in the management of these protected areas?

the pros and cons of allowing local human populations to exist and extract from a protected area (in order to integrate the local socio-economic-cultural needs and reduce pressures) versus maintaining an undisturbed, closed boundaries biodiversity area where ecosystems are preserved intact, not allowing the human population to interfere with the functioning and structure of the ecosystem(s) for the greater good of preserving ecosystems that provide services at the local, regional, and global level.

What is your view? What do you think is the most effective approach for protecting biodiversity in protected areas in your opinion?