Your Friend Bought A Bottle Of Vitamins That Is Advertised As Time Released What Benefit Does This Characteristic


Your friend bought a bottle of vitamins that is advertised as time released. What benefit does this characteristic


Select one:

a. no real benefits because nutrients are incorporated into the cells where they are needed when ever they arrive.

b. reduced risk of an overdose or toxicity of individual vitamins

c. sustained steady blood concentrations which is more effective

d. better absorption from the stomach

Your father bought a vitamin supplement called Gentlemen 50 and on the label there is a claim that the product contains antioxidants and vitamins that slow aging in men. What can you conclude about this product and the label claims?

Select one:

a. evidence does not support a role for antioxidant supplements against chronic diseases

b. most men over the age of 50 have inadequate dietary intakes and would benefit from this product

c. this supplement would be more helpful for smokers

d. the antioxidants included in this type of supplement have been shown to be extremely effective in free radical protection